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Body Fat

There is fat in many of the foods people eat. But what exactly is fat?
Fats can be divided into different groups. One of them is saturated fats. These are mainly found in meat or sausage. Then there are monounsaturated fats, which can be found in oils such as canola or olive oil. There are also polyunsaturated fats, which are found mainly in oils such as sunflower, fish or walnut oil.

The fat in peoples' diets should mainly be used to provide the body with energy. However, the body can also create fat stores. The body can then access this storage when there is not enough fat in the diet and the body is able supply itself with the energy it needs this way. When people have too much fat in their diets, their bodies begin to store this fat and they put on weight.
It is essential for people to have some polyunsaturated fats in their diet, because the body needs these fats, but it can't produce them itself. These fats are used to build different parts of cells. They also have an effect on blood pressure and blood coagulation.
It is essential for people to have fat in their diet. But people who have too much fat in their diet will gain weight. Therefore everyone should make sure they have a balanced diet.

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