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5 Weight Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing
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You’ve tried and tried to lose weight but you haven’t had much success. And just when you feel like giving up because it seems like you’ve tried every diet under the sun, bought all the different supplements to speed up your metabolism, and even tried to incorporate some new activities into your exercise routine, perhaps it’s something much simpler than any of that.

Like most things in life, our thought process and beliefs often dictate the results we get, whether it’s around losing weight or anything else. There is so much talk around the topic of diet and exercise these days, that it’s hard to know what to believe, what is good advice, what works and what doesn’t. In fact, one of the biggest things holding back most people from losing weight are the myths and misconceptions they have about dieting.

While most people have good intentions about getting healthy, they’re stuck in the beliefs they’ve been brainwashed with for years – the beliefs that are keeping them fat, sluggish, sick and unmotivated to change.

Here are five common weight loss myths along with the truth about what it takes to really see results and start taking off the pounds.

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